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Specialized staff and Camillian Religious people will be available

to provide the appropriate care according to individual needs. They

will be able to give the right and necessary home treatment for

chronic diseases. Thanks to networking with local hospitals in the city of Korat, specialized equipment and treatment are also close by.

A day-care programme (Monday to Friday) will be very helpful for

many families in need of care for the elders, especially during the daytime when nobody is at home. The Home becomes a shelter and a place where the elders can develop activities and enjoy the last    important years of their life.


Affordable accommodation and care for the elders

Members of the Order of St. Camillus (Camillians) set foot on Thai soil for the first time in 1952 to start their mission with the sick and poor.

In 1973, this religious group of Camillian was

registered as St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand, a non-profit legal entity for charitable activities.

The Camillians, as Catholics, are working in the health care world and

are integrated in the Buddhist society of Thailand in 17 main institutions in different sectors connected to hundreds projects:

2 general hospitals; 3 homes for the aged; 1 hospice for HIV/AIDS patients;

2 educational centers for children/teenagers living with HIV/AIDS; 1 educational center for minority group people; 4 rehabilitation projects      

living with disabilities; 4 training centers for new camillian members and several educational projects with the aim to develop primary health care.